The “Blue” Magazine, dedicated to Public Security and Law Enforcement professionals in the state of New Jersey, has just published a special edition dedicated to “four-legged agents” – the canines.

Filling in the respective cover space, there appears, in the form of a tribute, the canine belonging to the Portuguese businessman César DePaço, owner of the firm Summit Nutritionals International – and which the publication considers a “mega-supporter” of the police cause.

“Lanzer”, from the DePaço family, is a German shepherd born on April 4, 2019, in Germany, acquired by the businessman in 2021. He is trained and certified as a “K-9 Officer” by the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.

Courtesy: “BLUE” | one of the pages dedicated to César DePaço and his canine, the German shepherd “Lanzer”

In this special edition, the “Blue” magazine declares the DePaço Family “America’s #1 Law Enforcement supporters!”.

In an article signed by editor Daniel Del Valle, “Blue” recalls that the DePaços donated their 1st canine in 2013, to the Hillsborough Police Department. To date, more than two hundred canines have been donated by the generous couple to police in New Jersey and across the country –  at a total cost of over 3.5 million dollars. 

“This amount does not include other offers made to the police, namely in equipment and specialized vehicles”, adds “Blue”.

“Deanna and I have a passion for dogs,” says the Azorean businessman, quoted by the police magazine. “Dogs have always been a source of fascination for us, and our admiration for them only grows over time”.

Canines are important partners of the police in their mission to maintain public order and peace, so this edition of “Blue” is more than deserved.


Source: Luso Americano