César DePaço’s philanthropy is absolutely inspiring. The businessman has supported a wide range of humanitarian actions and social responsibility causes, in public, private, and community organizations.

These charitable activities are widely appreciated throughout the world, with a special focus on the two countries that the DePaço family can call home: the United States and Portugal.

The reasons for the philanthropic mission may vary, but they can all be summarized to César DePaço's own personal characteristics: a committed, compassionate, and caring man.

For this very reason, César DePaço and his family feel they have a mission to thank, support, and give back to society.


César DePaço's Humanitarian Actions

Many of César DePaço's humanitarian actions focus on supporting institutions that lost some of their essential response equipment, particularly in emergency situations.

In Portugal, many of these solidarity actions involve direct support to several professional and volunteer Firefighters.

When the devastating fire of Pedrógão Grande struck, César DePaço donated about 15 thousand Euros to the Voluntary Firefighters of Carnaxide, so that they could repair a tank truck that had been damaged during the fires. Years later, the same fire department would again receive new equipment from the hands of César DePaço.

Similarly, César DePaço has contributed to the restoration of a logistical support vehicle for the Alvaiázere Firefighters Association, with funding in the value of 15 thousand Euros. The philanthropist has also supported the Madalena Voluntary Firefighters, in the Azores, with donations for new equipment purchases and the recovery of old ones.

César DePaço's Social Responsibility

Over the years, César DePaço has also supported numerous institutions and causes that contribute to society.

As Consul, the entrepreneur is recognized for directly assisting hundreds of people, usually by speeding up the bureaucratic processes associated with residency or work permits in the United States.

César DePaço discursa em agradecimento às ações filantrópicas do Portuguese American Culture Club | César DePaço

César DePaço gives speech at the Portuguese American Culture Club in recognition of philanthropic activities

César DePaço discursa em apoio ás forças policiais nos Estados Unidos da América | César DePaço

César DePaço gives speech in recognition and support of North-American Law Enforcement

Cônsul Honorário, César DePaço, celebra o Dia de Portugal em Palm Coast | César DePaço

Honorary Consul, César DePaço, celebrates Portugal's Day in Palm Coast

During the pandemic, the Portuguese businessman donated about 60 tablets to the school group EB 2,3 D. Pedro IV - Mindelo, in Vila do Conde (Portuguese city) so that the students could continue learning remotely from home.

A year before, César DePaço had already supported Obra Social Madre Maria Clara, in Linda-a-Pastora (near Lisbon) with five thousand Euros, so that the Christmas of dozens of children in need could be a little happier.


César DePaço's support to Security Departments

Every year, César DePaço promotes a series of actions to support the security forces, both in Portugal and in the United States of America.

This support is usually shown through the funding of new equipment, but also through the creation of K9 units, and the respective donation of trained canines to integrate them.

In Portugal, the Portuguese National Republican Guard received from César DePaço two Belgian Malinois. In the USA, dozens of police teams have already received trained dogs, usually German Shepherds.

César DePaço's generosity is widely recognized by several institutions that have awarded him dozens of distinctions for his philanthropy, achievements, and exemplary leadership

César e Deanna DePaço recebem o título de Polícia Honorário em Point Pleasant Beach | César DePaço

César and Deanna DePaço are awarded the Honorary Office titles in Point Pleasant Beach

Departamento de Polícia de Linwood agradece a César DePaço pelas doações generosas | César DePaço

Linwood Police Department thanks César DePaço for the generous donations

Departamento de Polícia de Nova Jérsia agradece a César e Deanna DePaço com título honorário | César DePaço

New Jersey Police Department thanks César and Deanna DePaço with honorary titles

César e Deanna DePaço oferecem novo K9 ao Departamento de Deptford | César DePaço

César and Deanna DePaço donate new K9 to Deptford Police Department

Departamento de Xerife do condado de Morris dedica parque de treino de cães a César DePaço | César DePaço

Morris County Sheriff's Office dedicates its K-9 Training Facility to César DePaço