Recognized for his philanthropy and entrepreneurship, César DePaço has been honored on multiple occasions for his humanitarian and community support achievements.

César DePaço holds numerous awards and distinctions, including several honorific titles awarded by the police and security departments he supports in the United States.

He was also the recipient of awards in Portugal, given for his considerable contribution to Portuguese institutions, both governmental and non-governmental.


Honors and Awards given to César DePaço in the United States

César DePaço has shown his compassion and support to many different causes and institutions in the United States, mainly in his home area: the state of New Jersey.

In the United States, César DoPaço's distinctions were awarded in recognition of the entrepreneur's continuous contributions to public safety units and humanitarian institutions, mostly through media exposure, donations, and funding.


Honors awarded to César DePaço

César DePaço has received more than fifteen honorific titles awarded by police and public safety departments in the United States over several years.

Alongside his wife, Deanna Padovani-DePaço, the entrepreneur was awarded these honors in appreciation for his multiple funding actions to police stations and police units.

The philanthropist has also made several donations of dogs for the canine unit (K9) and funds for the purchase of new police equipment.

César DePaço recebe o título de Polícia Honorário pelo Departamento de Hillsborough

César DePaço receives Honorary Police Office Title from Hillsborough Police

César DePaço e Deanna DePaço recebem título de Polícia Honorário | César DePaço

César DePaço and Deanna DePaço make the pledge as Honorary Officers

César e Deanna DePaço doam cão a brigada de Polícia nos Estados Unidos | César DePaço

César DePaço donates K9 to Police Department in the US

César DePaço e Deanna DePaço na Cerimónia de Título Honorário | César DePaço

César DePaço and Deanna DePaço receive Honorary Officer Honors

César DePaço recebe um uniforme de Polícia como homenagem | César DePaço

Police Department offers César DePaço a Police Uniform as a Thank You

César DePaço aceita título de Xerife Honorário e agradece o serviço das forças policiais | César DePaço

César DePaço accepts Honorary Sheriff Title and thanks the service of Law Enforcement agencies

Honorific Titles awarded to César DePaço

In appreciation of the honorable contributions and frequent support demonstrated by César DePaço, several law enforcement units in four different states have granted the philanthropist with honorific titles.

In recognition of his support, César DePaço has been nominated Honorary Assistant Sheriff and Honorary Sheriff in the following states:

  • Morris County in New Jersey, awarded in April 2015
  • Flagler County in Florida, awarded in August 2016
  • Bristol County in Massaschussetts, awarded in January 2017
  • Somerset County in New Jersey, awarded in November 2021

César DePaço also collected a number of honorary titles at the police force level, including the titles of honorary officer, commissioner, and even chief of police.

These titles were awarded to the entrepreneur in acknowledgment of the numerous solidarity actions organized by César DePaço.

  • Deland Police Department, awarded in October 2017
  • Point Pleasant Beach Police Department, awarded in April 2018
  • Holmdel Township Police Department, awarded in August 2018
  • Daytona Beach Police Department, awarded in January 2019
  • Linwood Police Department, awarded in July 2019
  • Beachwood Police Department, awarded in July 2019
  • Peapack & Gladstone Police Department, awarded in September 2020
  • Hillsborough Township Police Department, awarded in December 2020
  • Deptford Township Police Department, awarded in June 2021

In addition to the above-mentioned distinctions, César DePaço was also awarded for his extensive endorsement of other law enforcement entities, including the Prosecutor’s Office.

For his continuous support, he was also granted the following honors:

  • Honorary Detective nominated in November 2022, by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Honorary Colonel nominated in January 2023, by the Brigham City Police Department


Awards prized to César DePaço

The charitable actions of César DePaço have also been recognized with a few awards in appreciation for the support rendered to the community.

Among the awards received by César DePaço, the most noteworthy are the ones given by the António Amaral Foundation and his nomination for the Citizen of the Year Award in the state of New Jersey.


Leadership Award in Philanthropy

César DePaço received in May 2017 the Leadership Award in Philanthropy, a prize awarded to individuals for their humanitarian and philanthropic actions, awarded by the António Amaral Foundation.

Based in Palm Coast, in the state of Florida, the António Amaral Foundation is a non-profit organization created by António Amaral, also a Portuguese-American philanthropist. António and his family built the Portuguese community in Palm Coast.

The goal of this organization is to support the Portuguese communities in Florida and encourage the academic success of Portuguese students or descendants of Portuguese families through scholarships and funding.


Corporate Citizen of the Year Finalist

César DePaço’s philanthropic record is extensive and recognized, whether through monetary donations to local organizations such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or the Somerset Hills Learning Institute, or through funding to purchase police equipment.

For this reason, the entrepreneur was a finalist in the New Jersey Corporate Citizen of the Year nomination for his contributions and humanitarian actions through Summit Nutritionals International.

His focus on supporting local institutions has earned him a place among the finalists in this nomination, awarded once a year to individuals and organizations that demonstrate exemplary corporate and social responsibility in the state of New Jersey.

Honors and Awards given to César DePaço in Portugal

César DePaço doesn’t neglect his home country in his philanthropic mission. The businessman considers himself a proud Portuguese man and in times of need reaches out to Portuguese institutions to extend a helping hand.

As an example, César DePaço has financed the repair of two essential vehicles for the Fire Department: the Alvaiázere Fire Department's Specific Logistical Support Vehicle, and the Carnaxide Fire Department's auto-tank that supplies water to the population in times of drought.

In addition, around the Christmas holiday, César DePaço visited and donated five thousand euros to an Azorean institution that shelters children in need.

Gold Medal, Medal of Honor, and the Key to the City of Madalena

Born on the island of Pico in the Azores archipelago, César DePaço received the Gold Medal in July 2017. This is the second-highest honorable distinction offered by the municipality of Madalena, the town where he was born and raised.

The following year, he was awarded the Medal of Honor and the Gold Key to the City for his outstanding achievements that make him "a true example as a citizen”, as mentioned by the town Mayor in the ceremony in his honor.

During the ceremony, César DePaço also made donations to the Philharmonic Band of Madalena, as well as to Obra Social Madre Maria Clara, an organization that welcomes institutionalized children and orphans.

Moreover, César DePaço donated five thousand euros to the Madalena Voluntary Fire Department for equipment upgrades and material purchases.

Undoubtedly, César DePaço’s humanitarian and philanthropic actions have been extremely helpful to all the causes he has supported throughout the years. It is not a coincidence that he has collected so many different honors and awards both in the United States and in Portugal.