The Blue Magazine dedicates its subjects to all aspects of law enforcement, presenting itself as the “unfiltered and independent voice of American law enforcement officers”.

Several renowned figures have been invited to make an appearance, including former United States President, Donald J. Trump.


The 2024 Special Edition: Making a Difference

From pages 11 to 18, the Blue Magazine Staff dedicates a few pages to the DePaço family, declaring it the #1 Law Enforcement Supporters in America. 

The full transcript reads: 

César & Deanna DePaço are selfless civilians who care about law enforcement and the safety of officers nationwide. For over a decade, they have donated police equipment, including K-9's to law enforcement agencies. The DePaços love canines and have donated 202 canines thus far. We as a law enforcement community are grateful for the DePaço family - their generosity, support, and commitment to law enforcement is unmatched.


The Blue Magazine proudly declares the DePaço family as America's #1 Law Enforcement supporters!

Blue Magazine – 2024 Special Edition

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