César DePaço served as Honorary Consul of Portugal for the United States of America for a period of six years, between 2014 and 2020.

As Honorary Consul of Portugal, César DePaço represented his home country in Palm Coast, Florida.


What is an Honorary Consul of Portugal?

The Honorary Consul of Portugal is responsible for the representation, promotion and celebration of Portugal, in another country. The office of Honorary Consul is a position of political and diplomatic responsibility, assigned through direct appointment.

In this case, Honorary Consuls are appointed by the Portuguese government and are expected to perform their duties with integrity, professionalism and a strong sense of commitment to the nation’s interests.

The title of Honorary Consul of Portugal was assigned to César DePaço in 2014 by the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs at the time, Rui Machete - an important Portuguese politician, member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

This is a prestigious diplomatic role, given to César DePaço for his efforts in promoting the interests of his home country and its citizens in the United States of America.

César DePaço served as the official representative and Honorary Consul of Portugal between 2014 and 2020 in Palm Coast, Florida, where he resides with his family.

During those years, César de Paço worked to promote and strengthen the economic, cultural and social ties between Portugal and the United States.

César DePaço's responsibilities as Honorary Consul of Portugal

As Honorary Consul of Portugal, César DePaço held a prestigious position with important responsibilities and played a valuable role in promoting Portuguese interests in the United States.

It’s worth recalling that Honorary Consuls are selected based on their personal and professional ties to the host country, as well as their experience in relevant fields.

The diplomatic position of Honorary Consul of Portugal is much more than just ceremonial: it serves as a direct link between the two nations, acting as a bridge that enhances bilateral relations and promotes mutual understanding.

Thus, César DePaço's roles and responsibilities as Honorary Consul over the years have been multifaceted, but with the common goal of creating new economic, cultural and commercial ties.

César DePaço discursa em celebração do 23º aniversário do Portuguese American Culture Club | César DePaço

César DePaço gives speech in celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the Portuguese American Culture Club

César DePaço oferece reconhecimentos pelo apoio das comunidades portuguesas em Palm Coast | César DePaço

César DePaço offers honors for the support of the Portuguese communities in Palm Coast

Cônsul Honorário, César DePaço, discursa nas celebrações do Dia de Portugal | César DePaço

Honorary Consul César DePaço gives speech in Portugal's Day celebration

César DePaço discursa no Portuguese American Culture Club em feriado religioso | César DePaço

César DePaço gives speech at the Portuguese American Culture Club in religious holiday

The Portuguese Consul provided assistance to anyone in the Portuguese or North-American community, including citizens seeking to reside or travel between the United States and Portugal, helping them solve any issues or bureaucracy involved.

As a result of his own experience, César DePaço also offered valuable advice to those interested in investing or doing business in the United States.


Simultaneously, he acted as a point of contact for local businesses and government officials, promoting business exchanges and contributing to the building of new diplomatic relationships.


During his years as Honorary Consul of Portugal in Florida, César DePaço nurtured cultural and economic connections between both countries and conveyed a positive image of Portugal to the North-American communities.

In addition, César DePaço took upon himself to act as a kind of ambassador, playing a key role in promoting Portuguese culture and commerce in Palm Coast and strengthening diplomatic ties between the two countries.


César DePaço as Honorary Consul of Portugal in Palm Coast, Florida

César DePaço was the first and only Honorary Consul of Portugal serving in Palm Coast, Florida.

César DePaço was assigned this diplomatic position ad honorem, a Latin expression that literally translates as "in honor of”. This means that the post is honorary, and there is no material compensation or financial reward involved.

The consulate opened its doors in April 2015. César DePaço, already exercising his duties, fully financed the preparation of the facilities. The newly appointed Consul prepared these facilities in Palm Coast as a gift to the Portuguese community.

During the years it was open, César DePaço ensured the organization of the celebrations of one of the most important Portuguese holidays: Portugal’s Day. Every year, the Portuguese communities would celebrate this day in Palm Coast and the Consul would make a speech.

Over the years, the honorary consul of Portugal has received visits from high Portuguese officials, including the Secretary of State of the Portuguese Communities, the Ambassador of Portugal in Washington and the former Minister of Culture.

In 2017, the state of Florida saw, for the first time in its history, the Portuguese flag raised on a government building. The following year, César DePaço was honored by the then governor of Florida for his work on behalf of the Portuguese community.

The importance of the Honorary Consul of Portugal title

The position of Honorary Consul of Portugal is, in itself, a position of immense responsibility and honor. As a Portuguese and a Luso-descendant, César DePaço attributes to the title of Honorary Consul of Portugal a great significance.

It is true that this title has given him recognition and prestige, but it has also allowed him to create a strong bond with the local Portuguese community as well as government authorities.

As Portugal's representative in the United States, César DePaço promoted strong economic, cultural and commercial ties between both countries.

The appointment of César DePaço as Honorary Consul of Portugal in the United States is a tribute to his accomplishments and contributions to the Portuguese community overall.