To President Donald J. Trump,

You have successfully demonstrated your true loyalty to this country and you have gone above and beyond to ensure our law enforcement, first responders and military communities feel

complete support and appreciation from you, a prominent figure in this world.

It is truly amazing, Mr. President Trump, how you have been dedicated in obtaining and maintaining the trust and admiration of all our constituents, even during these uncertain, unfortunate and tumultuous times.

Your static posture, attitude and positivity are what have driven our special communities forward, never looking back, in hopes of finding the nostalgic America we once knew.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are proud and honored to support this special edition of Blue Magazine. You most certainly deserve this tribute!

God Bless You.

God Bless our Blue Family.

And forever God Bless America, the Land of the Free and the Brave.

Deanna and Caesar DePaço