After the recent tragedy at the Black River Falls Police Department, it seems there is now a cause for celebration within the department.

Summit Nutritionals®, a New Jersey based company, has stepped up to help donate a new canine officer to the Black River Falls police department.

The company will partner with Jessifanny Canine Services, LLC, which operates out of Iron Ridge, Wis, who will provide the new dog and training.

Jessifanny had an established relationship with Summit Nutritionals ® and so they reached out to the founder, Dr. DePaço, after hearing about the loss of Kilo, the department’s former canine officer.


“I heard about the disaster in Black River Falls by other police officers so I reached out to the Chief,” said Jessie Smith of Jessifanny Canine Services. “Once I got the story, I called my point of contact at Summit and asked if we could help.”


Summit Nutritionals® agreed to help out the BRF PD and donated a new dog and training to the department as part of their continuing tradition of helping around 30 police departments across the country in similar situations.

In a letter to the company, Chief Eisenhauer expressed how much help a canine officer would be and the services it could provide in helping make the community a safe place to live.


“We have implemented several strategies to combat [drug trafficking and sales] and they have worked,” the Chief said in a statement. “Having a canine unit will take us a step further in keeping Black River Falls a healthy, safe place to live and visit.”


Moving forward, Jessifanny Canine Services will help choose a dog with the department and then provide a four-week training course for both the handler and dog to get them properly certified.


As of now, a dog has not been selected. The BRF PD is excited to have a new dog in the works and is grateful for the support of not only Summit Nutritionals® and Jessifanny Canine Services, but of the community as well.