FTPD Receives Donation of New Police Bicycles and Gives Gift Baskets to College Sweepstakes Winners César DePaço

The Hillsborough Police Department announced the addition of a new motorcycle unit. The two new Harley Davidson FLHTP motorcycles are fully outfitted with emergency lights and equipment for police use.

“We are excited to start this new unit which will be a major contribution to many community policing initiatives going forward.” Chief Michael McMahon said in a statement provided by the township.

The department has initially selected two highly qualified officers to launch the program.

Detective Christopher Giraldi and Patrolman Thomas Gurba are highly qualified and experienced riders. Both recently completed and graduated from an advanced police motor school in order to sharpen their skills for this new endeavor, according to the statement.

Supporter Donates Motorcycles to Begin New Unit for Hillsborough Police Department César Depaço

This new unit was made possible by the generosity of Dr. César DePaço, a longtime supporter of law enforcement who has made numerous donations of K-9s and equipment to police departments across the country, according to the statement. Hillsborough was the very first department that DePaço had donated to for the purchase of a K-9 in 2012. Since that time he has gone on to donate 144 K-9s, numerous K-9 vehicles and equipment to police departments across this country, according to the statement.

Hillsborough is once again the first police department that DePaço has chosen for this $60,000 donation for the purchase of new motorcycles and related equipment.

“The generosity and support that Dr. DePaço and his family have shown to the Hillsborough Police Department over the years is overwhelming and truly appreciated, especially in these unprecedented times. We value his friendship and continued support” McMahon said in the statement.


“As always, Hillsborough Township is very appreciative of the ongoing support of Dr. DePaço and his family. We look forward to having our new motorcycle unit as part of our community policing,” Mayor Shawn Lipani said in the statement.


Source: www.centraljersey,com