Since early 2021, the Portuguese press has continuously associated me with the CHEGA political party, naming me as a main funder of the Party. These stories have caused serious repercussions in the international press.

I have also been targeted on a television program aimed at an investigation of the extreme European far-right. The impetus for my link as being the most heavily publicized individual in these reports arises out of my attendance on one occasion at a party event and for having made a donation, all completely within the legal limits.

The mere fact that I was one of many donors does not make me a financier of anything. Nor does it create an affiliation, make me a strategist, or an advisor of any party or movement. Rather, I am a simple Portuguese citizen residing in the United States who one day while visiting Portugal had the curiosity to participate in an event of a party known as having a right leaning philosophy. It is a political party legalized by the Constitutional Court, whose leaders I was introduced to.

There has not been a scintilla of evidence, or even any fact which would lead a rationale individual to designate me as a party financier. Notwithstanding, journalists persist with their story, without any factual basis or evidence, however small. The primary reason they have no such basis is due to the fact that the allegations are fabrications and are pure speculation and innuendo. I simply cannot continue to overlook these fabrications of reality any longer.

Throughout my life I have contributed donations to some parties which may have been designated in some way as the Portuguese right, and for candidates for President of the Republic. This practice is well accepted in many countries around the world, including the United States, where citizens contribute openly and transparently towards the parties and candidates. Such donations should not inspire such a designation that I am a main financier of anything.

As evidence of the media’s baseless accusations, the press has proffered judicial proceedings from more than 30 years ago, of which I was neither tried, nor advised of such proceedings. The purpose of these citations has now become clear and the journalists in question should blush with shame for such dishonest reporting. They have also extended their attacks on the activity of my businesses, with the sole objective of disparaging my honor and dignity. Moreover, the publications have carried a decidedly derogatory tone, with clear intentions to denigrate my reputation in a wild and unscrupulous manner both in Portugal and beyond.

Since the inception of these activities, I have been the subject of serious denunciation, with my social media pages being the target of anonymous hackers. The cloak of anonymity afforded these individuals by the internet permits the perpetuation of the baseless allegations connecting me to CHEGA as its funder. Moreover, they have fabricated allegations associating me with xenophobic and racist practices, that throughout my life I have fought and abhorred.


I must now publicly refute to Portuguese society the unfounded distortions of the truth promulgated by the Portuguese press. These stories have not allowed me any opportunity for rebuttal.


Compounding the offenses by the Press are that these stories are transmitted to viewers and readers in a contextualized and extremely prejudicial manner, in order to create credibility where none is present.

I note parenthetically that my name has been used in conjunction with a critical narrative on the European extreme right. It has been na unscrupulous and unprecedented attack on my person, since at no point in my life have I been, or would ever be, involved in an extreme right wing movement. The extent of my involvement amounted to being present at an event and making a donation. Extrapolating from that activity to the level being alleged is criminal in nature, of which I shall pursue.

Furthermore, the Press casts dispersions on the activity of my companies and my academic degrees, all, based on falsifications and speculation. They question the credibility and billing practices and create falsifications of the business practices and functions.

I am astonished at the cabal in which a donation to a political party approved by the Portuguese Constitutional Court, where I have one or another associate, has embroiled me. The impetus of this insulting campaign that has surpassed the limits of what is admissible can only be found hidden in political motivations related to Portugal and Cape Verde.

In fact, the closest connection I had with the party was a professional relationship with Mr. José Lourenço, a person for whom I have the greatest admiration and whom I recognize great ability.

Regarding the situation concerning Cape Verde, it has been confirmed and given the stamp that I had been dismissed by the Cape Verdean Government, which reveals that I was the one who tendered my resignation from the Government of Cape Verde and that same was accepted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country.

I am a Portuguese citizen who resides in the United States, but who has invested and contributed to Portuguese solidarity associations like few others. I have never given up on my country and citizenship; however, the defamation campaign created by the media in order to smear my good name, has reached a limit that I cannot and will not allow to continue.

In turn, I gave instructions to my attorney to report criminally, both the media (SIC TV and Sábado Magazine), as well as journalists who have developed an ad hominem persecution (Mr. Pedro Coelho and Mr. Alexandre Malhado, respectively), which violates any and all rules and rights. I shall also pursue judicial means to defend all my personal rights, both in Portugal and in the United States, to bring all the parties responsible to justice for the damage caused to me, my businesses and my family.

A criminal complaint has already been made in court against Wikipedia and the anonymous editors of Wikipedia, for their continued insistence on perpetrating fables and creations to denigrate and slander my name. I will also file a complaint with the ERC for these actions.

Effectively Portugal is at a point I never thought I would see. The situation I face is the classic example of whoever is not with the system, is persecuted. Based on innuendo and baseless speculation, my entire life and history of service and dedication to others has been reduced to a campaign of defamation and slander.


I shall pursue judicial recourse to restore the truth as I have reached my limit.