Hunterdon County PBA Local 188 recently accepted “a very generous donation” to purchase a new support trailer for the local.


“Members of the Hunterdon County PBA Local 188 would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. César DePaço and his wife Deanna Padovani-DePaço of Summit Nutritionals International Inc. for the generous donation of a new 7X12 3500 Tandem Axel event and incident support trailer,” said Hunterdon County PBA president Brian McNally.


McNally added, “Dr. DePaço heard about our members bidding for an existing trailer, that ultimately fell threw, and jumped at the chance to help out. With their $18,495 donation, we are able to purchase a brand new trailer, wrap and completely outfit it! Thank you to Dr. DePaço for his unwavering and dedicated support for law enforcement throughout the United States of America. With the new addition of this incident and support trailer, Hunterdon County PBA Local 188 is going to have an even greater positive impact in the law enforcement community.“