Dear Dr. DePaço,

I have a retired Police K9 enjoying life at home with my family and I. Aron, a black and tan German Shephard, worked the streets for over 8 years before retiring at the age of 10. Aron endured over 120 criminal apprehensions including being shot in the line of duty. Aron retired with a clear mind and relatively healthy body. However, 8 years of hard work left some marks. As all large breed working dogs are susceptible to, Aron has moderate hip dysplasia and other joint aches and pains.

I began giving Aron Droi-Kon ® Chondroitin with his food in October 2014. Approximately 3 to 4 weeks later I began noticing subtle changes in Aron. Most noteably, Aron would occasionaly yelp as he played in the back yard. Since giving him your product I haven’t heard him yelp. My wife and I have also noticed that Aron seems to stand taller for longer periods of time.

I feel that your product, Droi-Kon ® Chondroitin, has had a positive effect on Aron’s overall health. I will continue to use your product in the future as my family and I strive to give Aron the quality of life he has earned.


Msgt. Coy W. Gilbert
K9 Handler, OKC Police Dept.