A long-time supporter of the Hillsborough Township Police Department and his wife were recently recognized and made “honorary police officers” for their contributions to the law enforcement agency’s canine unit.

During the Aug. 14 township committee, Dr. César DePaço, founder and CEO of Summit Nutritionals International, and his wife, Deanna Padovani-DePaço, were joined by nearly a dozen police officers, Chief Darren Powell and former police chief Chief Paul Kaminsky as they were feted for their contributions.

Since 2013, the Azorean businessman and his family have worked to provide nearly 70 police dogs to various law enforcement agencies throughout the country. The Hillsborough Township Police Department was the first agency to receive his assistance.


“I met Dr. DePaço formally about two years ago. Upon first meeting him, it became clear what a champion he was for law enforcement…His generosity is well known throughout the state and I don’t know anybody who’s been more of a champion for law enforcement than him,” Powell said.


The DePaço family originally provided a Belgian Malinois named Kondro to take over for Raider, a German Shepherd who retired that year after five years on the force.

Since their initial contribution, the family has paid for all services and equipment needed for the police department’s four-legged officers, including a sports utility vehicle outfitted for the canine unit. Officials said the family has already pledged to purchase the department’s next police dog and SUV.


“Not only does this mean a lot to the township, but it certainly means a sincere amount to the police department and the opportunities we have with this type of generous contribution,” McCauley said.


In addition to their support of the department’s canine unit, the DePaço family have purchased conductive energy devices, otherwise known as stun guns, and new patrol rifles that were donated earlier this year.


“We are long-time fervent supporters of law enforcement. They are our true last line of defense in this ever-increasingly dangerous world,” Caesar said. “True to their enduring motto, they serve and protect.”


Touting the dogs’ heightened senses and their usefulness in investigations, César said his family planned to continue providing the funds necessary to bolster the canine capabilities of police departments.

“We are utterly proud to be able to help make a difference and we can’t think of a more deserving beneficiary,” César said. “We have always found the offices of the Hillsborough Police Department to exhibit the utmost in courtesy and professionalism.”

While delivering his prepared remarks at the meeting, César praised the Hillsborough Police Department as an “integral” part of why the township was “the great place that it is.”

“[The Hillsborough Police Department] is a shining example for communities around the country of what a police department should be,” DePaco said. “We pledge our continued dedication to your efforts in serving this great community…[we] hereby stand ready and willing to provide the additional support that you and your department may need at any time.”