On Wednesday night at the Linwood City Council Meeting, Dr. César DePaço, CEO and Deanna Padovani-DePaço, President of Summit Nutritionals International, Inc., were honored for their companies donation of $10,000.00 purchasing K9 Kaos for the Linwood Police Department. Dr. DePaço and Mrs. Padovani-DePaço were presented with Honorary Police Officer plaques on behalf of the members of the Linwood Police Department recognizing them for their generous contribution enabling the Linwood Police Department to start a K9 Program. The Linwood Police Department and the citizens of Linwood are grateful that they chose to better protect communities through their kind giving. Their involvement is an asset to our Police Department, the City of Linwood and Law Enforcement in general.

On that same evening, following the Linwood Council Meeting, Dr. DePaço made an additional personal donation of $10,000.00 to the Police Department for new police equipment.


Thank you Dr. DePaço and Mrs. Padovani-DePaço!!.